Stay in School

Recognizing the urgent need for education and actively advocating a girl’s right to it early in life, I established a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. Through this partnership, I aim to provide underwear to every girl in Uganda. It’s impossible to wear a sanitary pad without underwear, and girls with neither miss up to a week of school per month, contributing to them dropping out altogether. Championing the potential of girls, I’ve collected and hand delivered 14,375 pairs of underwear to Entebbe, Uganda, thus far encouraging more than 2,875 girls to continue studying. The impact of this effort has been nothing short of extraordinary, with primary school enrollment for girls now exceeding enrollment for boys in communities served. The Jane Goodall Institute Uganda considers this their most important project. In addition to changing the trajectory of lives through education, we’re directly decreasing population growth and deforestation, while lessening reliance and encroachment on limited natural resources and chimpanzee habitats.

If you’d like to participate, you’re welcome to provide underwear (email Anna Boyiazis for more information) or make an online tax-deductible contribution. Stay in School is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.